Meet the Board Members

The Port Dover Board of Directors

The PDSC is pleased to introduce you to its Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of a wide variety of talented and experienced individuals from all walks of life. This includes administrative, management, business and public service sectors. Together with diverse specialties, this brings to the table a unique and capable group. We aspire to establish and provide appealing programming, both educational and fun, for everyone. Our collective efforts are on behalf of all members of the seniors’ centre.

Our goal remains to actively work together to build and maintain a community based centre, here in the heart of Port Dover. We continue to abide by our Constitution. Specifically, our aims and objectives are: a) to provide a safe, respectful, inclusive meeting space for seniors living in Port Dover and the surrounding area, b) to maintain an active, up-to-date membership program, c) to offer programming that is engaging, stimulating, and enriching to its members, d) to partner with other clubs, groups, and organizations to each other’s mutual benefit and, e) to operate in a fiscally responsible manner. 

We are an open and accessible Board; should you need to reach out to us, please feel free to contact us.


Port Dover Senior Centre Board members are: Sue Finnie, chair; Lee Garrett, vice-chair; Patti Fleischmann, director; Marg Barron, director;  Rick Weatherill, treasurer; Steve Brightman, director; Hal Whitcomb, director; Katie Kiehl, director.